VeraTech provides unique design solutions by integrating electronic circuits and mechanical components into custom assemblies. Our designed and manufactured products operate in extreme conditions and harsh environments. Our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities ensure efficiency throughout the supply chain and enhance reliability.

Creative Ideas

Since 1998 VeraTech has compiled a vast array of design solutions allow our customers to replace obsolete parts, improve performance in their system and be more profitable.

White, sunlight readable display

Three phase voltage monitor

Intelligent solid state relay

Quad-Rotor helicopter control

Low battery voltage disconnect

Multi-function ethernet I/O board

Motor speed control

Autonomous multi-axis controller

Durable Products

VeraTech products continually perform in extreme environments around the world.

Environmental coatings - water

Broad temperature range - ice

Rugged sensors

Encapsulated products

Reliable Service

VeraTech is committed to maintaining modern equipment, efficient procedures, and dependable customer service.

Modern SMT placement lines

Quality inspection

CNC machining

On time delivery