Diesel Remote Start for Diesel Engine Upgrade

diesel remote start


Diesel engines and generators were required to be redesigned to new diesel efficiency standards by the EPA. Digital communication links were required to monitor the emissions to ensure output was kept under the limits. To monitor emissions, a diesel remote start system was developed.


Diesel remote start for engines and generators requires monitoring of several systems. These systems include fuel pump, glow plugs, RPM, temperature and battery level, all which need to be closely regulated using analog timers. The new environmentally friendly engines needed an upgrade from analog to digital while remaining extremely resilient in the harsh environments in which these systems operate.

Solution & Result

VeraTech selected a versatile microcontroller and converted the entire system to digital. VeraTech was able to provide a plug-and-play system to replace field units and support the equipment builder. The new diesel remote start device mounted identically to the old footprint but the component part count was reduced by half. The final design also included new functionality such as monitoring battery voltage and engine shutoff capabilities when fuel is too low.

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