Bring us your project, let’s get creative.

Integrating electronic circuits and mechanical components into a machine assembly is at the core of our business. And working with you and your electronic circuit design challenges, coming up with new, novel ways to solve problems, and collaborating to make a superlative version of the thing you want to build is what we do best. We provide creative and modern design solutions that add value for your customers, and possibly years to your original equipment.

Simply put, we look forward to putting our capabilities to work on your project.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

At VeraTech, printed circuit board assembly (PCB assembly, or PCBA) is at the core of the solutions we design for our customers. Whether you’re looking for an automated circuit card assembly or an integrated total product solution, we’ll show your how our experience and capabilities can add value to your application.

We offer complete product design and manufacturing, including component sourcing, to take your concept from bare boards to a complete turnkey PCB assembly. Our specific capabilities include:

  • Gerber Files
  • Surface-mount technology (SMT)
  • Selective Soldering
  • Hand Soldering
  • Harnesses and Connectors
  • Mixed technology (SMT & THT/PTH)
  • Single & double-sided PCBs
  • No-clean & water soluble fluxes
  • Fine pitch components

Your unique PCB assembly needs are backed by a fully integrated supply chain as well as over 50 years of collective industrial experience. We’ve contracted with businesses in industries ranging from agriculture to IoT. Whether you’re still in the prototyping phase or have a solid proof of concept ready for deployment, our team of experienced professionals will ensure quality construction of your PCB assembly product.

Wire Harness

At VeraTech, we treat wire harnessing as more than just an afterthought. Proper wire harnessing can protect your product from internal shortages and communication failures, but also protects it from external elements including heat, sun, dust, humidity, chemicals  and vibration. We also offer ruggedization services for OEM parts with special durability needs.

Plastics & Machining

Our 3D design software can merge our custom circuit layout seamlessly onto a properly designed plastic or machined enclosure. We have CNC mill and EDM capabilities in house for producing custom plastic molds allowing us to produce plastics in high or low volumes.

Coating & Encapsulation

Durability is key for a great majority of the assemblies and applications we manufacture. We offer a variety of options for increasing the durability and safety of completed electronic assemblies.

Conformal coating is a thin protective coating we apply to the boards. This lightweight coating helps increase an assembly’s longevity and enhance durability in harsh environments without significantly changing the assembly’s footprint or adding extra bulk to the application. We employ spray on, brush on, dip, and vapor deposited conformal coatings. Coatings we offer include:

  • Acrylic
  • Urethane
  • Silicone
  • Parylene

Often assemblies require extreme durability, and conformal coating might not provide enough protection. In these cases we employ various ruggedization processes such as encapsulation services for your PCB assembly. Epoxy encapsulation fully insulates the assembly, and protects it not only from extreme external forces, but also offers electrical and mechanical protection.

QA / Testing

We design and manufacture custom test fixtures in house. During assembly and after all boards undergo a series of process applicable tests including:

  • Automated optical inspection
  • Multi stage process testing
  • Digital microscope
  • Software testing
  • Burn-in testing
  • Full functional final testing

We partner with your team to design a comprehensive quality plan for your project. Automation processes are documented and our experienced employees perform visual and functional testing at multiple points throughout the assembly process.

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