Next Generation

NextGen Solutions: Modernize to Monetize

Over the years, customers have trusted us time and time again to design solutions that replace obsolete parts, improve performance in their existing applications, and audit systems to be more profitable. We’ve helped many OEMs manage component obsolescence and design NextGen solutions. Be our next customer to rediscover value through modernization of your existing designs. Let us help you update your application for the 21st century.

Obsolete Parts Management in NextGen Production

Managing for the advances in technology means actively managing part obsolescence. Given the fast-moving nature of technology today, you’re bound to have obsolete parts in your assembly sooner or later.

At VeraTech, we understand what how obsolete parts can affect production. We work hard to mitigate the disruption to production by taking a proactive approach to managing for part obsolescence. Accommodating next generation production takes keen planning before, through and post-production. Often times it requires coming up with a creative and sustainable solution, quickly. Proper planning and proactive component part management means you can trust we’ll find you a solution, ideally before it becomes an issue.

We are also on the watch for cost savings for your components. If you’re taking advantage of our fully integrated supply chain for new product development, you’re already getting the best value for your parts at a fraction of the cost. However, when it comes to getting the best value for the best price, all of our customers benefit from our years of component management experience.

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