Universal PIC Microcontroller

universal PIC microcontroller


After over 20 years of developing PIC microcontroller-based electronic designs for OEM customers, VeraTech realized the library of electronic application notes for electronic circuits and embedded software created a common road map for unique designs. A vast array of digital sensor inputs and controlled outputs could be controlled in a standard format. Much like Arduino, Sparkfun, and Raspberry Pi, we developed an embedded software I/O board with cut-and-paste artwork for nearly any industrial sensor to be monitored and controlled.


To integrate a standard microcontroller with the optimum number of sensors inputs and decision outputs to standardize controls and data logging. PIC microcontrolled embedded software can be changed to standardize hardware for ultimate efficiency in electronic systems. Circuit portions can be “cut and pasted” into new design concepts for rapid turnarounds.


Bits and pieces of many of our successful designs were integrated into a standard I/O control board. Ethernet, wireless, cellular modem, canbus communication were all included to create a generic platform for use in rapid design and prototyping of software ready electronic solutions.


Creation of an ideal tool for testing electronic sensors and control systems with the flexibility to expand into future development platforms.

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