Off-the-Shelf Drone 1998



Just a fun little project that “took off.” VeraTech integrated a newly developed electronic gyroscope sensor and other off-the-shelf components with microchip microcontrollers to fly a quadrotor drone (quadcopter).

Challenges Faced

Integrating circuit and software innovation with newly released technology. The project required integrating multiple off-the-shelf sensors and newly developed lithium ion batteries using a standard microcontroller.


Several designs and field kits proved the design was a big hit. VeraTech had achieved success with one of the earliest quad-rotor drone designs. This led to the development of the X-Pro Flyer, Skylab development platform, and the unique Phantom Sentinel.


VeraTech’s engineers were some of the earliest motor speed control designers to achieve stable, controlled, flight. The company secured multiple patents and enjoyed media write ups from several institutions including the New York Times.

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