Diesel Engine Communication Standard Upgrade Link

diesel engine communication standard


A shipping company had recently redesigned their marine electrical generator using a diesel engine with an upgraded high efficient diesel engine to meet EPA standards for emissions. However, multiple platforms of related equipment were unable to operate with the new Tier 4 diesel engine communication standard. A solution that would translate between the new and old systems was needed.

Challenges Faced

A small-field retrofittable universal communication link was needed. The part needed to withstand harsh ocean conditions, as well as continue to link engine and control monitors across new and older platforms. Additionally, the solution was needed rapidly.


VeraTech Corporation designed a custom epoxied circuit with leads and install kit. VeraTech also manufactured and shipped the new diesel engine communication standard upgrade from Minnesota to Asia within 10 days. The parts reached the customer in time to catch a fleet of cargo ships at port.


VeraTech’s expertise with rapid response on design and quick turn on production, along with experience in shipping internationally resulted in recipes of the parts on time. The diesel engine communication standard upgrade solution was installed into several thousand generator units, in port with no down time for the shipping company.

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