Rugged Field Programmable Limit Switch

programmable limit switch


A manufacturer of heating and cooling plates had inventory of hundreds of limit switch part numbers. With each having custom set points, this created a SKU nightmare. The goal was to reduce inventory with a universal programmable limit switch design.

Challenges Faced

Condensing humidity and pressure washing created a hostile environment for electronic components. A programming tool with a software library was also need to program the set points for the universal limit switch.


A rugged machined aluminum housing with a three-part moisture-proof encapsulating epoxy design protected the limit switch circuit. A rugged sealed automotive connector performed I/O commands and was used as a port for field programming. Temperature sensors were embedded in the epoxy shield in contact with the aluminum base late for exact temperature readings. A software library with programming dongle was included to program each identical switch for customer temperature set points with only one part number as a SKU.


The customer was able to reduce inventory while adding flexibility to operating set point limits on their thermal plates. The rugged design allowed them to extend their factory warrantee and fine tune temperature limits for custom requirements.

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